​​We Believe in Mental Toughness.
We are Your Conflict Management, and Mediation Experts!

Families Matter!

Resolving Conflict in the HOME and the Workplace

You need experts to teach you the right tools to manage conflict in the home and the workplace, and promote teamwork and cooperation.

​                          Key Issues Covered:

                                                a) Conflict styles

                                                b) Identification of issues and interests

                                                c) Communication skills

                                                d) Mapping the conflict resolution way.

When faced with the hard decisions or just thinking about what to do, it is important to  know the ropes. Families or friends may not really know how to help you. We know!We will work with you to:

                 Think for Change

                 Mind Mapping - easy way to visually structure your ideas to help with analysis and                           recall.

                 Work out the mental derailment in your life
                 Build your self-confidence 
                 Become your own authority, have your own voice
                 Become empowered despite the past
                 Love yourself
                 Move beyond the past, barriers, and self-imposed prison
                 Remove mental slavery and help you become self-sufficient

                 Build relationships -  moving from dependency to interdependency

Conflict in Schools: primary, secondary, vocational, adult, special needs; Teacher trainers; Careers officers; Head teachers; Principal:

We offer training created for teachers who want to understand group dynamics and how they affect the classroom. Recognizable tensions, alliances and relational struggles exist among teachers, administrative staff, students with students, and does interfere with the day-to-day chore of teaching young minds and creating a safe and happy place for everyone involved in their environment.

By the end of the training, all participants will enjoy a greater collaboration NOT just a compromise of needs and behavior, and would have sharpen their interpersonal skills to promote stronger relationships and a more positive climate in their environment.

Family Mediation - We Cover Divorce 

We are Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediators. We will help families resolve conflicts in a confidential, non-threatening way, with a primary focus on helping couples through a dissolution (Pre-suit and Post), including getting over the stages of a divorce:

 Shock & Disbelief

 Initial Adjustment

Active Reorganization - your new lifestyle

Life Reformation - constructing relationships, new interest,                                  personal responsibility, and accepting your new life.    

Participants will learn how to handle emotional situations, focus on the needs of their children in order to create and modify parenting plans, and techniques for dealing with difficult family issues, while reducing the cost of working solely with a lawyer. For a nominal fee, we will help you complete those difficult forms that you MUST do!