Jometre Coquillon studied and graduated from IPEC Institute Professional Excellent Coaching, as a Professional Coach and a certified Master Practitioner who specializes in relationship coaching with a commitment to helping individuals build strong and healthy relationships. 

In fact, I know the difference between the need to negotiate with somebody 
and the need to
coach them. Subsequently, I am able to identify what is a training issue, a coaching issue, a negotiation issue, and what issues need mediation.

Relationship Coaching: Assisting People to Succeed  -  Pre and Post

 Typical Clients

Relation Coaching clients can take the form of individuals or a couple. In addition, these individuals or couples may or may not be having some kind of difficulty with their relationship, or just wants to be proactive in getting guidance on improving communication and enhancing their intimate relationship.

What's involved?

I will coach on communication, resolving conflicts, listen to the other’s needs, increasing their intimate bond, and helping to identify a better path for their relationship. 

Jometre Coquillon, B.A., BDiv.

​Founder, CEO New Ark Coaching (NAC)

As a Relationship Coach, it is my responsibility to help couples and individuals assess and adapt to their habits in the present so they can get the results they need in the future – whether that’s helping the pre-engagement to organize how best to spend quality time learning about each other, or working towards something big over the long term conflicts with things that potentially could affect a marriage; or, during the 5 Stages of a Divorce.

In this regard, listed below are a few questions a relationship coaching professional might ask:  

What do you want to get out of this relationship?
Where do you want to be 5 to 10 years from now?
What’s your ultimate goal for your short and long-term relationship?

Thus, as an expert in relationship coaching, my role is to help my clients to get measurable results, timely, to help with the problems that they already know hurts their relationship – to achieve a brighter future, and to help each person create a dynamic, respectful, and romantic “conscious relationship” that compliments their journey together.

Families Matter!