Ana C. Martins, 

Family Mediator

Dr. Cheryl White, President

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We are Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediators!

 (We do Pre-suit and Post)

Ms. Martins has a M.S. Degree in Justice Studies (SNHU) and is currently a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, with 20 years of international and domestic experiences as a Family Attorney in Brazil, and a Victim liaison in the US, working with Law Enforcement agencies and Organizations involved within the criminal justice systems. As a victim advocate in the US, working with Law Enforcement agencies and Organizations involved within the criminal justice systems, she fully understands how important it is for someone to stand in the gap when you cannot. Her passion is to help you mediate in a cost effective way, thus providing you a service that helps you with less expense than fighting alone in court, helping you minimize stress as we are conflict experts capable of helping you to maneuver through your conflict-ridden issues, providing you with more long-term  success as you transition into your new life, and providing you with a faster than litigation process.

Dr. Maxine Rolle, DBA

Dr. Maxine Rolle is in the field of Organizational Leadership. She has been an advocate for many years, working tirelessly for those who need her skills of mediation. As a seasoned and equipped mediator, working in the judicial system, she has been effective in helping her clients with all their mediation needs. Her knowledge of the uniqueness of family dynamics and the disputes which cause discords, helps her to mediate and move individuals forward in a productive and healthy way. Throughout her career, she has assisted families going through separation or divorce, marriage, parenting, property division, child support and alimony, and much more. Her passion for saving lives does not extend only to the courtroom, but when Dr. Rolle is not mediating, she can be found helping others with their self-development in the area of nutrition and healthy living. She is an accomplished Master Trainer, and is an expert in the field of health and wellness. Dr. Rolle has worked strategically with Commissioner Bobbie Grace in the city of Dania Beach as well as the Miami Gardens Police Dept. in fitness training, and runs her private practice Fit2TheMax.

Family Mediation Specialist Dr. Cheryl White is a doctor of Conflict Resolution and Organizational Leadership. She has served her community in many capacities including being a keynote speaker for Immigration and Senator Daphne Campbell. When she is not appearing in a commercial or being the face of MMM of Florida (a healthcare sponsor) on billboards, bus shelters, or on city buses, she is working vigorously in her passion for others. She has negotiated on behalf of many families concerning their issues like marriage, divorce, budgeting, or parenting when they have created a divide in their lives. Professional, she has helped to get many family lives back on track. She and her team of experts excel at counseling and mediation techniques, providing expert family mediation services to residents in the South Florida area.

So, why Conflict Coaches? We are the experts that work strategically to negotiate and mediate on your behalf.  We are highly trained in Conflict Resolution skills and know how important it is for you to get the help you need to focus on what’s important, and finding a resolution for your circumstances.

We offer a safe environment, are trained and experienced in conflict management, and provide positive results for everyone. As seasoned mediators from diverse backgrounds and experiences, we will help you not to be married to your conditions.

Our knowledge of the law and conflict resolution makes matching the right mediator to the case easy. 

We provide you with flexible schedules, a private place to mediate, and our fees are extremely reasonable.  Our mediators thoroughly understand the trial and appellate process with its attendant risks, uncertainty and expense, and the stress and anxiety you may experience during your trying times. We know hiring a lawyer can be very expense, especially retaining an attorney to represent you in a civil litigation case.

Our organization realizes that as the client, you expect to receive the BEST service for your dollars. This intangible service is simply a resolution of your case, on terms acceptable to you, the client, at the earliest possible time.

As leaders of Conflict Coaches' Mediation unit, you can trust that we will ensure we make good on our delivery.  So if you feel stuck and need efficient and quick resolutions...CALL US FIRST!

Success is a toll road…pay now or pay later!

We Offer Personalized Face-to-Face & Tele-Coaching in Several languages:​

  English - Spanish - Portuguese - Creole / French​​ 
All Sessions are minimally 60 minutes

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