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Ms. Danelie Downs 


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Graduate of FIU with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. She started her business career working for privately owned companies in the New York and New Jersey area and is currently a Project Manager for a major organization in Florida. She  is dedicated to working with teens of all ethnicity to help them focus on personal growth, empowerment, fulfillment, and developing life skills. 

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 With over 10 plus years of leadership, and project management skills, she has led many teams into achieving their goals. When she is not traveling domestically or internationally, she is working strategically as an advocate with our service Kidz Plus One. This service is designed to motivate the single-parents and their child by aiding them in strategically to overcome the anxiety of balancing school schedules, financial woes, social isolation, decision making and problem-solving, and guilt. Her passion for the solo parent society who are at times overwhelmed with the day-to-day chores, and the feelings of exhaustion and loneliness, stems from her having grown up in a single-parent solo. 

Research shows that traditionally, women were the caretakers. However, this has changed vastly in the 21st century, and the myth of nature and nurture belonging only to women has shifted. Both men and women today, are taking care of children, parents, or elderly neighbors who don’t have anyone else to watch over them. These men and women are the back-bones of the solo parenting society that holds together extended, multigenerational families. And, unfortunately, all too often their partners are not willing to contribute or may not have the ability to contribute emotionally, financially, or spiritually to the unification of the family. 

Therefore, our services incorporate an evidence-based holistic approach to helping all solo families, regardless of gender. We understand the role they play as the foundations of their families and communities. We know to help the children and parents living at times in low-income settings, we must first stabilize the lives of parent first. We will act as a bridge to connect them to affordable housing, nutrition programs, and even additional services, depending on the specific need. By building stronger solo families, we also hope to build stronger communities.

Consequently, Ms. Downs takes her role as the Vice-President of Conflict Coaches youth ministry seriously and will continue to develop and train her solo families into becoming a part of a greater community and learning from others who have been or are still on the same path as them.