Officer Carlos Austin, FCP

Works in partnership with the Community Enrichment Team - Intergovernmental Section of the Police Department; however, as a strategic partner with Conflict Coaches, he is the CEO of CRA Consulting, offering Risk Assessment and CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Training. Other credentials as a coach, includes: improving the quality of life for individuals by helping them resolve crisis situations, such as, domestic violence, mediation and negotiation of situations.

Foundation History

our leadership team

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Marcia Soas-Bucknor

20 years’ experience as a Resource Professional. Her passion for her field keeps her working as an internal consultant in the areas of employee relations, conflict resolutions, and all aspects of Human Resources. She is credentialed with a Bachelor of Science in Phycology  (FIU), and a Master of Science in Leadership (Nova Southeastern University).  

recent programs

As a trend setter Dr. White recognizes that

coaching may take place in a number of ways. We offer Health and Wellness outreach programsvia our nutritionist and master NASM expert, as well"How to use art as a stress release." This service is given by our Creative strategist and Art Director.

Our founder

conflict, coaches, help, training, education, employee relations, mediator, negotiation, Public Speaker, motivation speaker

Author with over 25+ years of extensive management experience, capable of providing strategic and operational leadership. Self-driven, solution and results-oriented professional with a history of excelling in virtually all aspects of job performance. Exceptional ability to analyze, identify procedural problems, provide and implement practical solutions resulting in greater effectiveness, productivity, and cost saving benefits for organizations. 

2011- Dr. White embarked on a mission to start a nonprofit organization called Family In Distress, Inc. As a result her life changes forever.

2014 - Dr. White and her organization was recognized as one of the Miami C.O.R.E. leaders in helping to respond to emergencies in the Miami-Dade community.

Conflict Coaches continues to volunteer educational classes at Dismas Charities and Broward Outreach, NW Federated Community Senior Center, & PK Management Community Resources. In addition, Dr. White has lectured at Miami Rescue Mission, and Nova Southeastern University TQR seminar.

Additionally, Dr. White is a certified trainer for the Center for Teacher Effectiveness, a Florida Supreme Circuit Court Mediator, and a Substitute Teacher in the Broward County School. When she is not lecturing, she is helping others to achieve their dreams, public speaking through Alan Holt International, attending various engagements, and facilitating the National Institution of Corrections "Thinking for a Change,(T4C)" Program.

"Working with my nonprofit, Family In Distress, was supposed to be a short-term commitment, but it became a life-long journey. I'm so fortunate to be able to incorporate Conflict Coaches with my life long dreams of impacting the lives of others, all while partnering with some of the most passionate individuals."

conflict, coaches, help, training, education, employee relations, mediator, negotiation, Mediation, Public Speaker, motivation speaker

Dr. Cheryl White, Florida Supreme Circuit Court Mediator

mission & vision

No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to educate, advocate and serve.

Katya Pizzaro

Doctor of Education with a concentration in Organization Leadership and Higher Education from Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Pizzaro currently is a professor at Broward College and uses her academic studies to specialize in education. She also has a M.S. degree in Education & TESOL, and has worked as an ESL curriculum specialist and program coordinator at American Heritage High School. 

Alan Holt

President and Founder of several community service based organizations and businesses, Author and former Quarterback in the CFL, featured on television, radio,  newspapers and magazines as a trainer, coach, motivational speaker and leader for developing models that produces economic development, empowerment and change.

Families Matter!

Community Projects

We have volunteered more than 12,500 hours to our communities each year in teaching and developing individuals. We now offer a variety of other services, such as: Safe driving instructionsby our expert coach at TRI-County Driving School.