How Becoming a Health Coach Changed My Life!

Sandra McFarlane is the founder and primary teacher of "Doing Your Life RIght Coaching Service", a coach training service of creating a healthy approach towards alternative healing. Her ultimate goal is to become a global pioneer who ushers in the new generation of aspiring health coaches by turning their holistic passion into a thriving, meaningful career that raises the consciousness of health and wellness. 

It is no secret that there is a health crisis affecting the world.  An exponential increase in chronic preventable diseases such as obesity and ever increasing health issues which have produced the massive opportunity – or a need – for health coaching. It is an exciting time for those Americans who have taken the time to educate themselves on the importance of changing their lifestyles on their well being.

Why Should I Hire a Health Coach? Well…

Despite advances in modern medicine — and massive amounts of money spent on healthcare — the average American’s health continues to decline.  Her 
 ABCs  to Wellness teaches her clients to do the following: 

A: Accept (Accept what is) 
B: Believe (B
elieve in the process)
C: Commit (C
ommit to the change necessary to achieve good health) 

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) postulated that the US spends 86% of healthcare dollars on the treatment of chronic diseases. As a holistic alternative therapist, I believe that many illness could have been prevented.  Thus, I specialize in:

  1. Holistic Health Counseling
  2. Healthy Weight Loss For Overall Health
  3. Herb Nutrition
  4. Homeopathic Remedies 
  5. Detoxification
  6. Hormone Balancing
  7. Nutritional Wellbeing

Sandra Williams McFarlane

B.S. Alternative Medicine

Sandra Williams McFarlane is a Holistic Therapist who believes that healing must include the whole person (Body, Mind, Spirit, and Emotions). This is done in the quest for optimal health and wellness so that individuals may gain proper balance in life. As a Holistic Therapist, she has the ability to use all forms of healthcare, from conventional medicine to alternative therapy to treat a person. Her passion is to educate people on the health benefits of whole food, nutrition, and disease prevention.

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