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GI will provide opportunities for mentoring and continuing support services of the aged out foster youth through being strategic ally focused, goal oriented, and meeting its objectives as we render services to our aged-out transitioning foster-care youth in Florida.

We will continue bringing awareness on Human Trafficking:  Florida State is rated in the top 10 human trafficking in the nation. Vulnerable foster care youth are disproportionately victimized by human trafficking in South Florida, leading to prostitution, labor law infringes, and domestic violence etc.

Homelessness: Many of America’s child welfare systems are badly broken — and children can suffer serious harm as a result. Numbers of homeless youth are the products of the foster care system—between 31% and 46% of youth who aged out of foster care reported being homeless at some point in time after discharge.

​Education: The number of youths in foster care and their characteristics is needed to get a clear picture or provide a context for the educational experiences in foster care. School age children in foster care commonly experience several moves while in out-of-home care which can significantly impact their school experiences.

Employment & Job Training: In an increasingly global economy, it is highly important that our at-risk youth is equipped as skilled workers, contributing taxpayers, and successful participants in civic life.

Opportunities to assist our vulnerable youth as part of the Reentry Employment Opportunities program, formerly known as the Reintegration of Ex-Offenders program, includes job training and other services for juvenile and adult offenders. Thus, GI intends to incorporate components of its program to include targeted services for young people who leave school before graduating or are in school and may be vulnerable to dropping out.

Works in partnership with Family In Distress as a keynote speaker. She has a college degree from Columbus State University, Liberal Arts program. She is an important part of the brand Conflict Coaches, and is proficient in helping the aged out foster youth transition into their communities. 

Youth who age out of the foster care system are faced with many unique challenges. Aging out of foster care refers to children who are discharged from care, namely care that is no longer provided by the government, usually between the ages of 18 and 21.

GI’s Mission is to collaborate with public entities, not-for-profit organizations, citizens, businesses, faith-based partners, and community stakeholders who are united in and committed to, helping to educate the aged out vulnerable foster care youth, facing transitioning back into their communities, with reunification and self-development. We will help them discover unique talents, abilities, potential, and the emotional aspect of a new life through coaching, education, mentorship, and a growing network of trained professionals.

Ms. Felisha Johnson

Director - Conflict Coaches

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