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Dr. Cheryl White

 Founder /  President

Conflict Coaches &

Family In Distress, Inc.,

Florida Supreme Circuit Court

Family Mediator

Pastor Alan Holt 

Co-Founder & Vice-President

Conflict Coaches &

Family In Distress, Inc.

founder and Co-Founder


conflict, coaches, help, training, education, employee relations, mediator, negotiation, Public Speaker, motivation speaker


Mindset Training / Mental Strength

Our coaches are trained to understand  HOW a client thinks in order to better communicate at the same “level,” and then get the results they are both looking for.

We Will Help You...
Developing Professional Communication Skills

Help You Achieve Mental Toughness

Strategically Improve Your Self-Awareness - Key to Success!

Take Your Decision Making in Life and in Business To The Next Level

Help You Gain Clarity and Confidence with Honest, Helpful Feedback

 Turn Failures into Launching Pads for Success

Discover and Unleash Your Greatness

Define theTraits of  An Executive Leader

Building Your Professional Esteem

Minimizing Pressure and Handling Stress

The course focuses are designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to settle disagreements.

How You Will Benefit:

  1. Define conflict resolution, mediation, arbitration, and negotiation and its usefulness as a problem-solving technique;
  2. Assess sources of conflict and select a conflict management style appropriate for resolution of conflict;
  3. Use essential effective listening, speaking, and discovering options;
  4. Initiate appropriate responses in common conflict scenarios, by dealing with issues of emotions, value, belief, and impasse;
  5. List the steps of Mapping a Conflict process;
  6. Recognize Cognitive Bias; Apply Principles of Influence/persuasion; and using the “Name, Blame, and Claim Cycle”
  7. Relate issues of ethical principles to the process.
  8. Decipher the parties in a Conflict

What You Will Learn:
Causes and dynamics of conflict
How to serve as a conflict resolution expert
Communicating to solve problems
Using conflict resolution in all areas of disputes

President and Founder of several community service based organizations and businesses, author, former collegiate and professional quarterback, has been featured on television, radio,  newspapers and magazines as a trainer, coach, motivational speaker and leader for developing models that produces economic development, empowerment and change.

Dr. Cheryl White is an accomplished Keynote and Workshop Speaker, Entrepreneur and Senior Executive with more than 25 years of experience.  Her credentials include: CEO of Conflict Coaches, Inc; and Family In Distress, Inc; a Doctor of Education Degree in Organizational Leadership and Conflict Resolution from Nova Southeastern University; a Certification from the Florida Supreme Court as a Family Mediator; a former Guardian ad Litem; a freelance journalist for the Dania Beach Press; a Keynote speaker for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), partner of DCF Refugee Task Force, member of Jamaican Women of Florida, and a published author of the book, “There Will Always Be Another Day”. In addition, Dr. White has received a Florida Senator's Proclamation for her leadership and services in the South Florida community. Dr. White specializes in providing strategic, operational consultancy services, coaching, conflict resolution, mediation, nonprofit leadership training and development.

Interpersonal disputes occurs in organizations when individuals perceive that their needs are not being met. This perception can lead to a person or group of people becoming frustrated or defiant when goals are not achieved. ​Without proper treatment there is a high likelihood that the conflict will escalate into a symptom of a disease within the work place. This type of escalation, will not be corrected by addressing the singularity of the interpersonal dispute. It is imperative that trained individuals work with the group in weeding out the underlying issues and disputes, and unlock the unacknowledged root cause of the problem, if its to be stopped.

Goals of the training:

Learn the stages of group formation and development

Learn techniques for assessing group conflict and how to identify 

whether group conflict exists

Learn to design a group conflict intervention

Learn new skills and methods for intervening in group conflict 

situations, such as meeting management and facilitation

Learn how to manage a group conflict intervention (obtaining buy-in, managing the process, evaluation, follow-up)

These conflict situations are very costly for an organization, and its employees.

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