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Alan Holt, MDiv 

Cofounder & Vice-President

Conflict Coaches &

Family In Distress, Inc.

Elizabeth Walklet, RN, BSN was an expert in the field of psychiatric nursing. She had served in many emergency rooms and has extensive experience in medical and psychiatric nursing care. Her background had her working in Connecticut in association with Ability Beyond Disability, and as such in their group homes with mentally and physically handicapped adults and traumatic brain injury. 

Furthermore, she had worked in conjunction with the Mental Health Authority and Greater Danbury Mental Health Association, Broward County, Florida. She had continued to work with patients in their homes providing medical and psychiatric care in conjunction with Physicians and Social Workers. Her extensive background made her a vital part of Conflict Coaches as she continued to help businesses and individuals with her mindset. 

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Dr. Cheryl White is an accomplished Keynote and Workshop Speaker, Entrepreneur and Senior Executive with more than 25 years of experience.  Her credentials include: CEO of Conflict Coaches, Inc; and Family In Distress, Inc; a Doctor of Education Degree in Organizational Leadership and Conflict Resolution from Nova Southeastern University; a Certification from the Florida Supreme Court as a Family Mediator; a former Guardian ad Litem; a freelance journalist for the Dania Beach Press; a Keynote speaker for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), partner of DCF Refugee Task Force, member of Jamaican Women of Florida, and a published author of the book, “There Will Always Be Another Day”. In addition, Dr. White has received a Florida Senator's Proclamation for her leadership and services in the South Florida community. Dr. White specializes in providing strategic, operational consultancy services, coaching, conflict resolution, mediation, nonprofit leadership training and development.

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conflict, coaches, help, training, education, employee relations, mediator, negotiation, Mediation, Public Speaker, motivation speaker
conflict, coaches, help, training, education, employee relations, mediator, negotiation, Public Speaker, motivation speaker


 Conflict in the workplace and life can be a symptom of unresolved problems or faulty systems. When handled properly, conflict results in a win-win for either party. In the workplace, conflict may continue as either party cannot reach a zone of possible agreement (ZOPA). Our organization will help you by equipping you with the right analytical frameworks and practical skills that play a productive role in managing your organization’s and personal conflicts.  

Our workshops, seminars, events, and teachings, uses realistic workplace scenarios to challenge you and your team to diagnose the sources, levels, and dimensions of conflicts. So you are able to better determine the means needed to respond and address each type of conflict and practice the right skills necessary to effectively handle the variety of roles in conflict management.

Alan Holt has travelled and spoken around the world and is the creator of several personal development success programs and systems. He is the President and Founder of several community service-based organizations and businesses and has been featured on television, radio, books, newspapers and magazines as a trainer, coach, motivational speaker and leader for developing models that produce economic development, empowerment and change. Alan Holt is a graduate and Hall of Fame Member of North Miami Senior High School, a graduate and former quarterback at the University of Minnesota and he has over twenty five years of experience coaching, consulting and mentoring leaders from every segment of society including Professional, Olympic and Amateur Athletes and Coaches, Business Leaders, Politicians, Lawyers, Educators, Doctors, Spiritual Leaders, Sales Professionals, Public Speakers, Customer Service Professionals, Social Service Professionals and people from every walk of life that simply want to achieve more.